About Travel Stream

Travel Stream Limited is a new UK / London based company with Directors who have spent their entire careers in the travel, hotel and serviced apartment industry – specializing in systems, sales, e-distribution and marketing.

We are passionate about our industry, and above all about the Travel Stream system that can now offer travel and hospitality providers a comprehensive series of functions over and above what the competition has to offer today.

Quite simply, the new Travel Stream system provides a real-time Content Management System (CMS) and Online Reservation Solution for hotel and serviced apartment websites that enables these operators to take full control of their content, inventory, prices and promotions in an easy, simple and low-cost way.

Our team

Robert Savage-Hanford

Joint CEO

Robert has been in the hotel industry for the whole of his career in both operational and representational sales and marketing roles.

His training included periods at The May Fair- London, Le Carlton- Cannes, and Le Ritz-Paris.

Managerial roles were started at London International, for Grand Metropolitan Hotels, which became IHG; Thistle Hotels including C&B Management at The Selfridge, where Robert was instrumental in setting up the C&B managers association of London; and Sales and Marketing management for a cluster of 5 properties in London’s West End for Thistle.

Recognising the importance for Sales within the industry, Robert took a position that launched his international sales experience becoming UK Sales Director for Doyle Hotels that had 10 properties at the time in Dublin, London and Washington DC. And this role proved vitally important for when he took his first General Management position at the Flemings-Mayfair Hotel, as the majority of it’s business came from overseas for both it’s hotel and apartment business.

Previously a founding Director of CHR Travel Ltd it was the next natural step to establish his own hotel business- RSH Hotel Consultancy, a company that drives business from different market sectors towards, Asia and Central Europe from the UK/Ireland as well as in reverse, business to the UK from the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Companies who have employed RSH services are Derag Hotels and Apartments - Germany and Austria; Adina Hotels and Apartments- Europe and Australasia; City Life Hotels- New York City; Crowne Plaza- Bishopsgate; The Fullerton-Singapore; Living Hotels Apartments in cooperation with Utell; Jebel Ali International- Dubai.

Robert is now head of all sales activities within Travel Stream Limited. He capitalises on his wealth of understanding and is ideally positioned to maximise opportunities in the global hotel and serviced apartment industry

+44 (0)20 8241 5890

Simon Wilkinson

Joint CEO

Simon has been building web systems for the last 10 years, and has been developing a travel system for the last six years.

Having previously developed a trading system at Credit Suisse, Simon started his own web development business in 2001. That business has continued to grow to the present day and has provided the building blocks for the current Travel Stream system.

In 2005 Simon started working with a tour operator to build a comprehensive travel system, with a strong emphasis on hotel bookings, and coupled with his general web expertise, created a powerful booking engine that powered a number of different types of websites. The system evolved and added lots of functionality for managing hotels, flights, clients, exchange rates and much more besides.

In parallel, Simon's business has developed a powerful content management system, which provides high quality content management solutions for almost any website requirement.

Bringing all of this together, Simon teamed up with Peter and Robert, to create a powerful combination of web, hotel and travel system expertise, and Travel Stream was born!

+44 (0)20 8241 5890


Case Studies

"We required a more bespoke booking engine that was not a white label that we could have some input towards the way we work; Travel Stream has done that for us. We are now asking them to provide a comprehensive PMS that again we can add to as technology moves forward over the coming years. Using both these systems keeps us ahead of the market keeping us competitive in the market place." - Charlie McCrow, Roomspace

"With the introduction of Travel Stream and the clever way that it automates our reservations and even requests, gave us the time to go out and find new customers and even properties allowing us to grow in two more areas." - Marcia Gomez, Cotels